Casinos Giving Back To Communities This Holiday Season

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Opponents of casinos spend much of their time trying to tell the public all of the dangers that come along with casino gambling. In their educational material, they rarely mention casinos such as Thunder Valley in California.

Thunder Valley Casino is celebrating the holiday season this year by giving back to the community. They have arranged for 5,000 pounds of food to be delivered to and distributed at the Sacramento Food Bank.

The United Auburn Indian Community owns the casino , and it is one of hundreds around the country that will be doing something to give back during this holiday season.

“What casino opponents like the public to hear is the negative effects a casino can have on a community. The truth is, these casinos do more for a community than these opposition groups could ever do,” said community organizer, Jackie Renfrum.

The donation from Thunder Valley includes a full holiday dinner menu. They have donated 250 hams, 250 turkeys, 500 cans of yams, 500 cans of cranberry, 500 boxes of jetzt novoline online spielen stuffing mix, and 250 powdered gravy mixes. They did not forget dessert either. They have donated 500 apple pies.

While receiving their bad wrap from opponents, the casino has provided enough food to feed 2,000 people. The food will be delivered to the food bank on December 23rd, in just enough time to help out 500 families for the holidays.

Another Casino, The Silver Club, Closing Up Shop In Nevada

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When it comes to Nevada casinos, some of them have been around for a long time. It is the current state of the economy, however, that could create a big overhaul in the casino industry.

Several casinos have already closed their doors for financial reasons, and others may soon be following. The Silver Club, a casino hotel that has been open for almost three decades, will soon be closing their doors for good.

“What we are seeing in Nevada and around the rest of the country is the economy just destroying the casino industry. With the mix of expansion around the US and a declining customer base, it is becoming impossible for some casinos to survive,” said observer Grant Yardley.

The Silver Club was in the process of being sold, which would have allowed it to stay open. The sale, however, fell through and now the owners may have no option but to close the struggling casino and hotel.

With negotiations continuing, the casino for now will remain open. If the talks stop permanently, and no deal is made, the casino will close, according to a memo that has been circulating to employees.

Nine employees have already lost their jobs. There are only 200 total workers at the casino hotel, so the nine workers laid off accounts for almost five percent of the total staff.

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