Colorado has its eyes on online gambling prospects

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Draft legislation for online poker legalization is submitted

The US State of Colorado lawmakers allegedly drafted a legislation that authorizes online poker late during last session. Although the initiative has stalled, the Colorado Gaming Association and the industry are still poised to explore the issue further going into 2014.

“In the last year’s session we had talked extensively to legislators who showed interests in pursuing the issue,” said the Colorado Gaming Association’s executive director Lois Rice. “We are still exploring the possibilities.

Apparently, the initiative was spearheaded by a number of bipartisan lawmakers, among which the R-Adams County Representative Kevin Priola. “My opinion and that of some other people were that Colorado should be brought as close to the starting line as possible because when the gates are opened, there will be only a few states will enough resources at their disposal to make it work,” he added.

Reports by the Denver Post indicate that the MGM Resorts mobile app MyVegas’s statistics indicate that out of the millions of downloads, many come from Colorado. Furthermore, the digital and interactive gaming managing director of Eilers Research estimates that only online poker is capable of generating between USD 30.4 million and USD 37.8 million annual revenues after a period of 3 to 5 years in a legalized market, while revenue from online casinos covering blackjack, slots, poker and other games could generate USD 112.5 million each year.

But a poll in Colorado recently commissioned by Black Hawk casino indicated that there is little interest in online gambling. “Our survey proved that the state?s voters were not interested in online gambling,” confirmed the city manager of Black Hawk, Jack Lewis.

Once online gambling legalization is approved in Colorado, you may want to know more about online gambling games and internet gambling sites.

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