In South Africa sports betting is on the rise

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Online and mobile channels are playing a very important role in growth

The South African branch of BetTech Gaming, the sports betting technology provider, said that online and mobile gambling played a very important role in the sports betting growth in South Africa, and offers and opportunity for brick and mortar gambling groups to increase revenue and extend operations.

Referenced by the company is a study by PwC, the professional services firm, which predicts a growth for the South African sports betting turnover from the amount of R17 billion during last year to R24.2 billion in the year 2016. Compared to the 2007, the increase is significant, as in 2007 that figure was around R10 billion.

The report of PwC also indicates that the opening of legal outlets for online sports betting in South Africa in 2011 led to an increase in turnover in the overall market of sports betting.

In the biggest economy in Africa online casino gambling is not yet legal, but groups for land gambling have recognized the online sports betting potential, with the recent attempt of Sun International to acquire the owner of Voltber, Powerbet Gaming. and are two online sports betting websites owned by South African companies that use the technology BetTech, announces Mark Bosman, the chief operation officer, who also reveals that there are deals signed by his company in other there nations of Africa.

According to Bosman, the mobile accessibility growth, and in particular in-play wagering, has been a driver of growth for sports betting in Africa.

“We witness a trend for massive growth around mobile, web and live in-play betting. It is typical around such sports like football,” he informed his week Business Day. “We have seen that the demand is substantial and that there is massive growth trend in Africa and South Africa for these types of products”.

4Di Capital, the company founded by Columbus VC S.A., is the one provider of funds for BetTech. The South African investment advisor of 3Di Capital is headed by Erik van Vlaanderen and Justin Standord, the South African businessmen.

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